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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Always Start With God

Pray first. Before you do anything else, pray. Ask God. Seek God. Search out God.

I would love to say that petitioning God is the first thing I do when I need help or advise. But, it is not. In fact, sometimes it seems to be the last thing I do. I cannot really say why. If I could pinpoint a reason for not praying first, then at least I would have a starting place for getting this mindset adjusted.

Is it timing? Do I think everything has to addressed immediately? Yes, I guess I do. I know I am a "get the ball rolling" kind of woman. If there is something wrong I want to get a plan in place to fix it right away. Full speed ahead is my game plan. I have a list written and the car keys in my hand, and I am out the door to take care of it all. So, how is this working for me? Sometimes it works, but I think in those times it is because I have already been through a similar situation and I have lived the plan of attack. This may mean I do not learn from my previous mistakes, but that is topic for a totally different blog. The other times, the plan falls short, the ones I am including in the arrangement do not see it as I do, or it is just a dumb idea in the end.

Maybe I do not turn to God first, because I think I am pretty capable of figuring everything out and bringing it to completion by myself. It is not that I do not what God's help, it is just that "my self" gets in the way. I know that I can do this. I am willing, so I must be able. I will pray later if I see that I cannot handle this one alone. There is always time to call in God. Really? I need to rethink this thinking.

Prayer is our breathe of life in our walk with God. Prayer is our way of communicating with God. It helps us grow closer and become more connected. The Bible has a lot to say about prayer. God wants to spend time with us. Yes, you read that correctly. HE wants to spend time with us. He wants us to ask Him for direction and help. Jesus demonstrated for His followers how to pray to the Father, and we can copy that model.

I long to be the type of woman who always goes to God first. Instead of calling a friend for her input, I need to go to God. Instead of writing a to-do list, take my requests to Him. Rather than forge ahead blindly, rest in Him and wait for His guidance. Search the Word and not a self-help article.

I am so thankful that God knows my heart. He knows I am self-centered, prideful, and presumptuous. But, He also knows that I want to please Him. I want to spend time with Him. I want to hear from Him.

May we slow down and get our focus on Jesus. May we pray first, always starting with the One who knows the beginning and the ending and wants to see us through it all.

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