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Monday, July 11, 2011

At His Word

"... He who promised is reliable and faithful to His word." Hebrews 10:23

How many times do we take someone at their word, only to be greatly disappointed later? You believed exactly what they said. It may have seemed hard to believe, but you bought it. You were verbally promised a job. Your husband promised he would not do that again. Someone at Church said they would not share your confidential conversation. We all have taken someone at their word and probably more than once. Call it what you want: an affirmation, an assurance, a promise. We were given one and we swallowed it. Hook, line, and sinker!

And then, the let down. You took someone at their word only to realize that they took you for a ride. You have been misled, cheated, burned. Their word was meaningless and you are stuck with an empty promise.

God tells us in His Word that His promises are reliable. His word is His oath. It is His guarantee, His commitment. God cannot lie. God keeps His word. We can count on it.

We cannot always count on others. Sometimes their initial intentions are good, but then they fall, they disappoint. We are guilty of giving our word to someone as well and then not being true to what we have said. Our words can be shallow and weak. But, we have a God who will never fail us. We can take Him at His word. And that is a promise we can count on!

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